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Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis & Research Laboratory (or STAR lab) focuses on the developments and applications of formal (i.e., statistical and computational) and technical methodologies to study complex spatiotemporal patterns and dynamics in natural, social and technical systems. Please read more about our work (research and papers), who we are, and possible opportunities.

News & Events

May 20, 2021: New postdoc opportunity available!

October 15, 2020: Chanmi successfully defended her thesis

October 10, 2020: New PhD opportunity available

August 28, 2020: Project funded by NSF!

August 01, 2020: We are moving to CU Boulder!

Connect with us

201A Guggenheim, Department of Geography
University of Colorado , Boulder, CO 80309.
303.492.8528 (phone), 303.492.7501 (fax)